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This isn't really

This isn't really collectivism. Its just prejudism or stereotyping.

Collectivism is a political philosophy of a government picking and choosing certain rights & laws for certain groups of people.

It would be collectivism if someone said "All cops should be thrown in jail." Because now you are desiring a governmental action to be taken against a specific group with a common trait.

Saying: "All cops are dirt-bag authoratarian pigs" is a bigoted statement, yes, but not a collectivist one. Many libertarians stereotype large swarths of people; i.e. "Neocons, Liberals, Collectivists," to name a few.

Some cops are good. However I think it is benificial for cops everywhere to understand that the there is a growing, well armed and angry portion of American society that is getting pretty fed up with authoritarian police brutality... esspecially now that rumors of a gun-grab are rising to the top.

In the free market, you reward success and punish failure. When a cop joins the oathkeepers, or makes a stand for liberty and the constitution we praise him and turn him into an internet hero. When a cop decides to be a violent thug, we make damn sure his face is all over youtube so that he can feel the growing rage directed at him and those like him.

Personally, I prefer that cops begin to feel the strain of the public ire growing around them as guns fly off the shelves. Perhaps it will help some of them decide exactly what side they are on.