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Comment: I know what I know from

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I know what I know from

I know what I know from talking with Marines because my friend was a Marine, and I would visit him when he was Stationed at 29-Palms. Most of the people at the base that I met, and that my freind talked to about their oaths did not recognize the distiction between the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Government.

Also, A cop in my area last year shot a 21 year old to death, while the kid was handcuffed with his hands behind his back and the kid was lieing on the ground. The ADA said that it was a justifiable shooting because the kid was kicking at the 3 officers. Even though each of the 3 oficers had tazers, mace, and the fact that there was 3 of them and they were all bigger than the kid, it was still called a justifiable shooting.

While you may know the distiction between the US Constitution and the US Government, I could almost garuantee that the vast majority in the Military as well as those in Law Enforcement do not recognise a distiction.