Comment: this is still a very spirited dialouge

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this is still a very spirited dialouge

....the comments so far on my video, seems people think I sit on my hands and do nothing for the sake of our country and our posterity....

They should watch the other videos on my "strong stance" and willingness to get involved publicly to the MINOR degree I have, has cost me greatly....I, like everyone else; am doing "right" in my own eyes for our posterity's sake ... Amazingly, very many want to bash the Alex Jones critics of his two premier performances, than(as we used to) encourage each other to remain guarded, trust no man without searching him out thoroughly first, and sleep with one eye open.

I'm just advancing my suspicions; we'll see if his rants help or hurt soon enough....but I know how our group of disenfranchised conservatives treated me when I made mention of AJ and his films since 2007. I do for my kids, and our posterity...not for myself; to have professing fellow patriots mock me and wear me down is par for the course...they'll certainly be more vitriol to come as we discuss this lightening rod of a media personality.