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Comment: Here we go. Another case of

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Here we go. Another case of

Here we go. Another case of open bigotry defended and justified by religeon. Who are we to correct God and modify his punishment? Ill tell you who; Reasoning creatures with brains capable of seeing through fantastical ridiculous peasant controling bullshit so that we may deal with our fellow human beings as civilized minds rather than superstitious peasants who see "enemies of god" and "witches" everywhere we look. Its not the dark ages any more. Evolve. The people of Isreal are no more our enemy than the people of America are the enemy of Iran.

Anyway, im glad we've decided to modify his punishment, because I personally don't see a lot of "good" in throwing rocks at a woman until she's dead for cheating on her husband or being raped. Nor a child for disrespecting his parents. No offense, but god's "punishments" are @#$%ed up and there is no place for them outside of medival superstious peasant control.

Is this one of those evil jews God wants in Babylon?

Governments are evil because they are magnets for evil people.

Rand Paul is activly trying to cut foriegn aid to Isreal's government. Somehow I doubt that makes him popular with APAC.