Comment: Rand Paul has ZERO chance of winning the presidency in 2016.

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Rand Paul has ZERO chance of winning the presidency in 2016.

Think about it. Does anyone really believe the country is going to go from electing the most radical centralizing, Hamiltonian/Lincolnian/Rooseveltian/Johnsonian president in American history to two terms by comfortable margins to electing a Jeffersonian, Tea Party Conservative in just four years time? If Rand decides to run, he'll soften his views on foreign policy, fiscal policy, and strict Constitutionalism (His spine already caved on the Civil Rights Act.) and by doing so, he might even win the Republican nomination.

But, I looked at the exit polls. In order for Rand Paul or ANY Conservative or Libertarian to EVER become president, there's going to have to be:
1) a MAJOR intellectual revolution amongst young adult minorities. (But, in order to get that demographic to do anything intellectual, you've got to get them to stop screwing, doping, smoking, drinking, gambling, playing video games, and watching tv for at least ten minutes.)
2) a MAJOR change in the way young adult women of all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds view abortion and whose responsibility it is to pay for their birth control

Without BOTH major above-listed intellectual revolutions taking place in this country, Democrats and/or Crispy-Creme Christie type Republicans will be president until the entire nation looks like California.