Comment: I suspect foul

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I suspect foul

Since he was arrested at the airport after landing, I assume that the arrest was predicated on alert from TSA or airport security (mall cops).

Having seen an increasing use of intimidation tactics to provoke rash behavior, I suspect that could be a factor. Now, a week later an assault charge is added? Being the son of Rand Paul, it could be an attempt to pressure Rand, or show him what he’s up against.

It is possible that he was drunk, but, given the circumstances, it’s not likely that William Paul is entirely guilty of any improper behavior, even if he had a drink or two on the plane, IMO.

I won't hold someone guilty of underage drinking who is 18 or over. Someone old enough to die in the military and vote, is old enough to drink. We let them decide who should run the country, but not if they should drink? Talk about mixed messaged. ;)

It’s part of the increased length of adolescence and dependency fostered in this country.

Just open the box and see