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Comment: Even "good" cops

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Even "good" cops

will put you in jail for possessing a joint.

that alone makes their institution one diametrically opposed to libertarian thought. it has nothing to do with how pleasant he is while he's got his hand in your pocket for doing 10 mph over on your way home from work.

it also has nothing to do with collectivism (unless you're addressing the means by which they get their funds.)

the man himself may believe he is doing good, but the list of victim-less crimes would look like the voluminous encyclopedia brittanica on your shelf. if he understands that what he is doing is unethical and chooses to continue to persecute others, he is an enforcer.. on par with Furio Giunta.

i doubt anyone could be a cop for long before he thinks, "hey, this guy isn't harming anyone. why am i hassling him?" to which he immediately answers himself, "oh yea, the paycheck."

does that mean i wouldn't have a beer with a cop? not at all. but recognizing the realities of his line of work (especially in relation to you and the suits that make the laws that he enforces) is imperative.

i do agree with your message of treating them with the same respect you'd desire.