Comment: Emotional?

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I'm sure some votes are emotional. I tend to upvote posts that I agree with, or appreciate, and hope they climb into that "Top Recent Topics" box, so others can see them.

Thank you for pointing out the MOST box. I checked it out as you suggested, and found my notorius post didn't even make it in the bottom ten.. it was #11 in EVER most downvoted.. I admit, I didn't expect so many downvotes because I made the post to educate what I had learned concerning loyalty oaths.. and I agree with you here, that many of those votes were emotional.

But here's the rub.. after that post, it appeared that no matter what I posted, I received multible downvotes.. it was stalking really: See the name "The Granger" and vote down. I don't believe there was any emotion involved. It was done to hurt me and those like me who did what we understood Ron Paul wanted. Join the GOP, get a seat, get into an office and restore the republic.

I never complained about the downvotes, because I sincerely believe people should have the right to express themselves, what they feel and what they think.

That brings me to the real downside of this voting.. when people leave downvotes and no comment.. Why the down vote? Is there a MOST question? Because "Why the downvote?" I bet is the most common question on DP.

I agree with those who would like a span on the votes.. so we can see up and downvotes.. and even better.. I would like to have people earn votes.. must comment to vote.

I have introduced many people to DP.. even today, the person left me saying Daily Paul.. Daily Paul.. It would not be too hard to form a posse and single someone out and downvote them into the MOST box.. it wouldn't even be emotional. But I'm not into war or hurting people.