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We do know that his father and grandfather are committed to ending TSA, Rand was forced to miss a big event because of the TSA, grandma was almost "patted down" when trying to board a private plane after the Republican Convention when eight TSA agents showed up.

In addition, Ross Perot dropped out of the presidential race complaining about threats to his family and Jesse Ventura claimed trumped up charges were filed against his son.

However, let's say that William Paul was intoxicated. When did he get intoxicated? He was charged with intoxication after a thirty minute flight. US Airways says it did not provide him with alcohol on the flight. TSA is responsible for preventing liquids from being carried past the security check. Thirty minutes before, TSA let him board a plane and prior to that allowed him into the passenger area. Was there a security failure in Lexington? Intoxicated passengers are not supposed to be allowed to board planes. So we don't yet know where he managed to get intoxicated or his blood alcohol level. Nor have we seen the security footage verifying TSA claims.