Comment: Thank you for sharing your personal experience

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Thank you for sharing your personal experience

with this use of the 'memory hole'.

Some, though likely not regular Daily Paul readers, may take my comments as 'anti American'. They are not.

The point of my (perhaps too long) prior post was that this is common with those who rule throughout history. Look at the 20th Century record of the USSR, Red China, and Nazi Germany. There are many more examples of this throughout the world.

We cannot think 'it can't happen'

The one point where I may disagree with RJ Rummel is in the belief that 'democracies' are less likely to commit such acts, because they are less likely to war against each other. Democracy is 'two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner'. Popular opinion is easily manipulated, especially by the media and public 'schooling'. Hitler was voted into office.

The American founders understood this and sought to limit government. They established a republic, not a democracy. In our republic one is supposed to have recognized God given rights that cannot be taken away, and defenses against tyranny. Regards, - - -