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Here's the difference

between my God and your god. My God created the universe and will still be around unchanged after we're gone from this earth. Your god will be gone in twenty to thirty years when standards change. "Modern standards" don't amount to anything because what's considered "modern" today will be considered primitive by many fifty years from now.

You claim "the Hagar story" was written by a different author. Were you alive when it was penned? Do you know someone who was? Even if it had been penned by a different author? so what? There were dozens of different authors that penned the Old Testament. How is that supposed to refute my analogy?

You are still assuming that because God "allowed" that act of incest to happen that He was okay with it. That's like saying because God allowed Bill Clinton to cheat on his wife that He condoned that act of adultery. Human beings are not perfect creatures and tend to make mistakes and do wrong quite often. I'm thankful God does show mercy to sinners. If God struck people dead every time they were about to do something He doesn't approve of, I certainly wouldn't be here today.