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How on earth did the Broncos lose that game

I saw it with 3:00 left, and it looked like Dever had it in the bag. They were up 35 - 28, took over on downs, and all they had to do was run out the clock! I was looking in the window of a bar, so I continued on my walk.

Then at the end of my walk, I'm at the window of another bar, watching Baltimore kick the winning fieldgoal in 2 OT!???

What the hell happened? I felt sad for Peyton. He looked particularly miserable. I felt miserable for him also. It is over for him. How many years has he got left in him?

It is the same for Brady. He's getting old. 35 years old now. How many more seasons? Three more, maybe. Then does he become a Peyton manning, and have to finish out his career by starting over in a new place? What does he love more - the Patriots or the game of football?

Anyway, I feel your pain. As for tomorrow, GO PATRIOTS!!!

He's the man.