Comment: What a horrible thing to say

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What a horrible thing to say

What possible reason would you have to say such a thing? Maybe these people are aware they're not good communicators so they come to the one place where these ideas could gain some traction based on their merit instead of their ability to attract via sex-sells types of trickery.

That's exactly what I do. I refuse to stoop to typical marketing techniques to get my ideas more attention. I simply hope to entice enough people to consider them in order to find one champion to help promote by their sheer popularity of the group. So far, it has been completely unfruitful and I've definitely been considering making some more waves to get said attention. The problem is that every idea I have on that comes off either whiney (like this topic) or arrogant or it still gets ignored.

How exactly do you propose the unpopular people with the good ideas get them considered?