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Maybe a market solution?

The voting system replaced 'bump' then used to vote up a thread. The +/- votes were an economizer.

For me voting indicated 'read this' or 'skip this' or no opinion, in general. A indicator for my fellow surfers.

When votes are free there is no cause to economize as trolls and malcontents have discovered. This allowed votes to be used as anonymous emotional arrows against the post's or comment's author.

Maybe Whack rino is limited to one Whack-a-day per user.

Maybe user reception should be the aggregate of their up and down votes.

Or a ratio

10 downvotes for 2 users 20 upvotes for 1 Users.
50 downvotes for 48 users 48 upvotes for 39 Users.

Transparency through the aggregate?

I daresay unintended consequences are the biggest concern with change.

(The universe produces chaos at a constant rate. Any typos made here were stolen from someone. My apologies)

Free includes debt-free!