Comment: There were other historical " riders"

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There were other historical " riders"

during the revolution although lesser known. One saved my many times great, grandfather's life. Grandpa was on the Committee of Safety (provided supplies/formed milita) the House of Delegates, and the State Senate. This is documented information about from 1781.

Cornwallis marched to Petersburg first, then ranged throughout central Virginia. Colonel Tarleton led a cavalry raid on Charlottesville, in hopes of capturing the leaders of the General Assembly. Thanks to Jack Jouett, who raced from Louisa County to Charlottesville in time to warn the politicians "the British are coming" in the Virginia version of Paul Revere's ride, only a few members of the rebel legislature were captured. Cornwallis destroyed military supplies stockpiled along the James River, then planned to go into winter quarters.
Tarleton had one more escapade in store for Virginia. For sixteen days in July, he and his troops galloped in a round trip from Suffolk to Petersburg, Amelia Court House, Prince Edward Court House, Charlotte, New London, and Bedford. They stole fine horses and destroyed supplies while fending off the Virginia militia. The cavalry leader covered thirty to forty miles a day but lost many soldiers and mounts to the summer heat. In late August, he joined Cornwallis at Gloucester and Yorktown.

My grandpa got the warning ride and was able to escape. When they got to his house only grandma was there. Documents quote her a saying when a gun was held to her chest demanding she reveal his whereabouts "Fire away! My husband has his country to defend!"