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Hey guys :D

How's it going? Saw your mammoth debate and couldn't help butting in! Had a question for you Josf:

(Btw, I think Josf is a Bakunin-style anarchist, so I think he is a little pinko!) Let me say Josf wanted to thank you for educating me about the extreme difference between the Dec. of Independence (good) and the Constitution, which on closer inspection is as you say a recipe for tyranny, and always was (even if its measures look way more libertarian than our current predicament). And for intro'ing me to Shay's and Whiskey rebellions as a sign of this, and Washington's culpability in new federal oppressive state. BUT, I've heard that the whiskey rebellion was in fact drummed up by Edmond-Charles Genêt the French ambassador to the US, who was a fanatic Jacobin and wanted to plunge the US into the kind of chaos, dictatorship and bloodletting that was going on in France at the time, "the terror" (Communism - kill all rich people). Given that, wasn't putting down the rebellion the only thing Washington could do?

Do you think Jefferson was sent to Paris so he would be out of the country when the Constitution was debated and signed?

Wd be great if you could respond without writing a novel and with as few as possible ambiguous and cryptic rhetorical questions in it! ;)

Hey Bear, check out this totally amazing and epic Christian history of the world:

Part 1:

You should check it out too Josf! Happy New Year guys!

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.