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You have found a wonderful friend

keep him.

Watch how all the petty stuff on the DP blows people apart ... and do the opposite of that. Everyone is human and with flaws. I am in awe of the flaws and shortcomings that my wife puts up with. Ha ha ha

'Cause when U love somebody
Every now and then it might rain
With every sun shower there's pain
Whenever something's lost
Something's gained

Sorry to keep dropping the song lyrics on you. This is Prince.

The reason it has resonance with me is because of my emotional attachment to the song. To you (unless you know the song, which I doubt - simply because it is obscure and before your time), those are just words. To me, I can hear the song in my head and feel a symphonic swell of emotion rising with it.

Emotion. It is like a mass psychology drug. Hitler used emotion to control the German people.

Those were smart people. But enough of them got duped by emotion, and the rest of them just had to go along.

He's the man.