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You know what's weird. My

You know what's weird. My mother is non-political super duper god will do what he does Christian so she doesn't vote. However, my father is a hardcore democrat. The thing is, he is an NRA member, hunter, etc. and when I try to talk to him about how the government has the possibility to deny us our rights he thinks I am being ridiculous. Hell, my fiance's father is the same except HE is actually way more educated than my own father. I just don't get these guys. I sat down with my fiance's father at Christmas and had a few beers and we talked politics and I even gave him quotes from our founders on why we have the second amendment and he still didn't care. I honestly don't get why people don't care about their god given rights. I honestly think it is a babyboomer thing. When the babyboomers are out of our politics I feel we will be much better off. Am I alone in this?