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Obviously most people down

Obviously most people down vote things that go against their opinion, and up vote things that agree with them. And I'm sure everybody's guilty of this. So how to counter group think? Great topic to bring up.

Well, the goal is stop people from up voting/down voting based on whether their opinion agrees/disagrees with yours. And to get people to up vote if this is something that would be good for DPrs to learn/know or is nothing of importance to the cause at all. How do you do it?

Could group think be countered with a simple phrase in before the arrows or plus/minus? Like, "Should Daily Paul know about this?" Example: One of the most down voted posts this week was Glenn Beck's show switching to a Libertarian format. This is something I think we should all be aware of, but because we all know how much of co-opt attempt that is, we down voted it. If the meaning of the arrows or plus/minus is changed to "Should Daily Paul know about this?" I think that article would have had more up votes, because if it didn't, then we're saying we shouldn't make people aware of that.

Just the first thought that came to my head.