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70 yard Hail Mary?


SF is for real. I like that kid Kappernick. Is that his name?

I can't wait to watch Seattle - Atlanta tomorrow, and then the Pats-Texans.

There really is an emotional high that comes with riding a winning team. It is a good high. While I've been in Boston, the Celtics have won, the Red Sox have won and the Bruins have won it all. What an incredible run. I feel blessed to live in a town like that. It elevates the people and makes them happy. Weirdly.

But I have yet to see the Pats take it all. In 2007, I was happy. I had only been here a couple of years, and I wasn't yet a Pats fan. They kind of annoyed me, running up the scores like they did. 56-0 scores. So I was happy when they lost. I felt like it was a just reward: It was humiliation, the way they had humiliated so many teams that year. They went 16-0 that year, and lost in the Superbowl. I cheered.

Last year was a different matter entirely. Somewhere in the intervening years, I became a Pats fan. I think it was that the following year, Brady hurt himself and was out for the season on the first game of the season. How prophetic. He didn't play a single game after that, for the whole season.

The following year was his comeback year, and people were nervous. This was where he was going to prove who he was, and he came back tough. And that's when I could see how hard Brady works, and how dedicated he is to excellence. That is something that is really admirable. Plus he is so great under pressure.... Until it comes to the big games, it seems.

Anyway, who am I to critique? He's won 3 superbowls, and he wants to win 5, just like his hero Joe Montana. So I'm rooting for him.

He's the man.