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I agree

I like the idea of having leaders rise out of the reputation leaders. I have some concerns, however.

I don't think people posting tons of current events articles should qualify. I think this should come from genuine ideas and then ranked or reputation points given based on a merit vote. Unfortunately, I don't have much faith in the current "ideas" section as I've seen so much variety in that.

To be honest, I don't see how the various current rankings are done. I've posted a very long, researched and well thought out post in the ideas section before, only to see that another short, flighty one was one one of the rankings lists with no comments and only one up-vote. Talk about frustrating when I see mine go by with zero activity to this day!

I have to say that, as someone whose ideas get repeatedly ignored here, I have lost the will to even bother. Contrast this with the FB group I started. There, I was the main moderator and voice and everything I said instigated conversation. Unfortunately, the members weren't of the liberty minded intellectual caliber of this group.