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A more likely common thread is open information

The entire world once believed that the Earth was flat. That lasted until science proved it not to be. Does that mean that everything based on a flat Earth prior to that discovery should be critiqued in that light? No.

Many things and beliefs changed the instant that event became the new norm. As a result, many new ideas an concepts became possible. No longer were people limited to one way to make something work - they were now free to base other beliefs on relevant facts.

In the same way, science in the last century (more likely in the last 3-4 decades) has made similar strides in how the universe works. It now can explain every or nearly every aspect of our universe (depending on which theories one subscribes to). Unfortunately, just like we all have known all our lives that certain miracles are impossible, we now have viable explanations that suggest all religion is a population control hoax. Even on this site, we frequently discuss how this conspiracy or that one is a population dividing technique or a control structure of some kind. Yet even watching for those to appear, so many can't even rationally discuss the possibility that religion is the same thing.

Sorry. Just because there seems to be a correlation for all history (prior to science providing a valid explanation), doesn't mean there's any causation.

What if, on the other hand, human nature had been relabeled as something different by society as a result of banks imposing prosperity scarcity on the entire system? What if, with abundance replacing that, what we think of as human nature simply morphs on its own into the morality and ethics that people now only attribute to some religion? What if without that religion, that abundance eliminated all the problems that arose from people constantly segregating each other into groups? What if the resulting non-group population began to use the genuine human nature to live by genuine altruism as their agenda?