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Comment: for five years my wife could not understand my passion here...

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for five years my wife could not understand my passion here...

she just watched, wondered, and questioned my devotion to everything here...

something miraculous happened last week

she is REALLY a country girl but smart and, as many of you know, a registered nurse but she just didn't have the "time" for anything but work and family (i guess i am a handfull) but last week i showed her the professor's questions concerning sandy hoax

she said she showed it to all of her nursing friends on the floor where she works and they were all astounded! by it

not only did she, suddenly, wake up but she woke up several of her professional friends

what really got her? she, and all of them, could not understand the vagueness of the medical examiner!
thats not RIGHT, she kept saying, this man should be EXACT in his descriptions, she kept saying we deal in absolutes, not generalities...every question asked, she said, should have a DEFINITIVE answer, there can be NO margin for error in this field

we never know where that spark of life comes from...we are just sowing the seeds of Liberty here

WOW! Its a beautiful day at the Daily Paul!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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