Comment: What do you mean? Have I ever

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What do you mean? Have I ever

What do you mean? Have I ever dealt with a lawyer? Yes, of course. I'm a 3rd year student. I worked with a defense/family lawyer last summer. He never did anything that seemed that he was all about money to me. He seemed to generally care about his clients but sometimes his clients were simply in the wrong so there was not much he could do. That's how it goes. I'll do the same. I'll find any way I can to get my clients out of jail but if they are guilty and there's no way of getting around it then there;s not much you can do except try to get them the least amount of time you can. That's just how it goes. I'll tell you this though, the first thing I look at is if the police did anything unconstitutional.

You guys need to stop looking at all lawyers the same. Yes, most corporate lawyers are about money. But people like me and others are small town defense lawyers who care about people. It's not about money for everyone. So please stop putting every lawyer in one group of greedy bastards.