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in the IMMEDIATE aftermath...

of the "shooting" i mean, they were, supposedly, running AWAY/being driven away? from the scene of the crime as it JUST occurred (that's how HE described it)

these kids were just, simply, dropped off on this guys front lawn by either a female school bus driver or a "stern" man depending upon which version you listen to from him (who just happens to be a member of the screen actor's guild) and left there for 30 minutes under his (a complete stranger's) care

they all carried stuffed animals with them...i KNOW thats the first thing i would stop to grab when being fired upon under a hail of "hundreds" of bullets, wouldn't you?

and then, they ALL just left these stuffed animals at this house after they left? huh? wtf? were they important enough to risk their lives to retrieve but not important enough to take home?

smoking gun is correct fishy, a big one!

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