Comment: Drinking, smoking Gorilla

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Drinking, smoking Gorilla

Well, guess the government wouldn't try to take a gorilla even if loaded. A couple in Ohio rescued one. Owned by a defunct circus and to be put down, zoo didn't want it. He [the gorilla] was an alcoholic and a chain smoker when they got him. [told by couple] They had him off beer completely after 3 years but he still got 2 cigarettes a day. Don't think anyone in their right mind would have messed with the owners. No doubt, he would have gone APE... Fun seeing him when going there in the spring to rent a canoe to shoot the rapids on the Little Miami River.. He acted like a 'person". Cleaned his own room [30'x40] with an additional sleeping alcove. He communicated his wants or needs with sign language. He was very friendly and well behaved. Really cool.