Comment: This is the BEST comment as of.....NOW!

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This is the BEST comment as of.....NOW!

Do libertarian ideas and Libertarian candidates receive a fairer shake by Glenn Beck’s news organization compared to CBS, CNN, ABC, NBC or Fox?

Does Glenn Beck agree 100% with me or Ron Paul or Gary Johnson? No he doesn't. Does that make him an un-libertarian?

I have my own answers to these questions. Other libertarians may have answers that differ from mine.

As I and Eric Cartman and Glenn Beck have said “I am just asking questions”.

Does have the answer?

I don’t think that the answer that offers today is particularly favorable.

Will that answer change for the better a year from now?

I don’t know. I am just asking questions.

If you want a really mathematical answer to the question {I know you do.} ask Wolfram Alpha.

Don't blame me if you don't like the answer. I am just asking questions.

I might however speculate that if one were to ask the Magic Eight Ball "Is Glenn Beck is becoming more libertarian every day?" that the answer I would receive would be “Ask again later”.

Your mileage may vary.

Now read J. Neil Schulman's awesome June 2010 article..

"Am I a libertarian? Is Glenn Beck? Nick Gillespie? Was Ayn Rand or Robert Heinlein? Are you?"