Comment: Maybe try to get the sheriff on board

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Maybe try to get the sheriff on board

Constitutionally, the county sheriff is the supreme law executor of the county. No federal agent or the president himself can override the county sheriff's legal authority. You could try to figure out what kind of mindset your sheriff is, which might help you to know how he/she would handle a precarious political situation. Some sheriffs have come out with a statement saying they will not obey orders to disarm their citizens, but not many.

Other than with the sheriff, I'm not exactly sure how this can be addressed at the county level. If you attend your regular county GOP meetings, then you might be able to chat with a Republican county commissioner who can guide you as to how to carry your idea forward. There are people in the GOP with experience in legislative procedures who could help you.

Have you been to your county GOP meetings? Did you network with some liberty folks there, if there were any?

In my county, there was already an established "liberty sect" by the time I joined. This is not the case in all counties. In my experience, sometimes the most rural counties are also the most overrun with neocon-type republicans.

You are a smart man. You'll be able to figure out how to best talk to these folks, align yourself with the good ones, and not piss off the less knowledgeable ones. I'd avoid burning bridges if you can.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.