Comment: No it isn't.

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No it isn't.

Knock this religious huckstering off. You're no better for telling people to appeal to a celestial authority than the people doing it to the state. Jesus stories are what kings used to justify enslavement of men. The bible is a prop for the state, and submitting to the insanity in it is ludicrous. I understand there are a lot of Christian libertarians, but you're trading one poison for another. There is no proof of any god(s) in any holy book ever. None. Don't drag this movement down by tying it to theocrats in robes. Sorry for the rant, but I went through an entire childhood of religious indoctrination and I get annoyed when I see people talking about freedom saying we need to obey a religion sponsored by the state for centuries to keep people dumb and poor.

No train to Stockholm.