Comment: The Entirety of Christian Religion

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The Entirety of Christian Religion

Is that

1) God, the master of the universe infinitely just and holy, loved man more than Himself, so we should value life and each other more than anything else.

2) Christ, the savior, died so that we could be free to choose righteousness or evil. Redemption and repentance are God's gifts which enable our freedom. Not freedom to do wickedly, but freedom to self-realize, and come unto God on our own terms. To achieve happiness through the exercise of our will, which God gave to us.

3) The Holy Spirit, if we have faith, will give us all Wisdom. There is no need for religious dogma in the civil society. Faith to seek God's Wisdom, to do His Will is enough for us to INDIVIDUALLY use the resources God gave us to know Him and His truth. I.e.: freedom of religion serves God, not theocracy, because faith not force leads man to truth.

In my mind, Christianity is the religion of Liberty, and Liberty is God's desire for man.

But Liberty does not require Christian faith, it is the other way around.