Comment: I went to my first meeting today, well yesterday now

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I went to my first meeting today, well yesterday now

Everyone there was very friendly and the new chairman mentioned precinct captains during his speaking time. I mentioned the idea lightly to some there but I mainly just tried to meet everyone, be respectful, and make friends. They were happy to see a young new face.

My county GOP is almost all traditional Christian Conservatives so I'll have to pick my battles there. However, most all of them are NRA members so I like my chances on this one. I've been respectively emailing and facebook messaging prominent people in our county privately to pick their brains about 2nd Amendment Preservation without causing too much of stir if they disagree.

I haven't contacted the Sheriff yet but I intend to. The thing is, our longtime Sheriff just retired so we have a new Sheriff that I don't know much about or how to contact. I'll probably just take several final drafts of the ordinance with my contact information to the Sheriffs department and drop them off by his office if I cannot speak to him.

I want to have it drawn up by the end of this week but I'm waiting on responses from several local officials and the minds here to figure out what I should include for my best chance at success.

I appreciate the encouragement and advice. Thank you so much.

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