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thank you . . . very good point made . . .

and I may have been incorrect for the laws of Texas.

I hold concealed carry permits from two states. In both those
states the two men would have been justified to use deadly force
if they came upon the actual attack where life & limb was immediately threatened. But not in the situation as described.
Similarly, if they had followed the robber (say in order to phone
his location to the police) and the robber had pointed his weapon at them first,
they would have been legally justified in these two states to use
deadly force to defend themselves.

Since both of my permits are recognized by the State of Texas,
I'll have to research the Texas definition of "Castle Doctrine".

Its important to check out the laws of the state where you are carrying. I should have done that before commenting. *I down arrow myself for not doing so !* If I'm wrong for Texas, I stand corrected. I won't edit the previous comment since its probably better for the discussion that it remain as is. These issues can make
the difference between being charged and put in prison or not.

Here's a good website with concealed carry information for those
who haven't seen it:

By the way - I have no sympathy for that creep robber. He endangered the life of his victim. He's lucky he wasnt killed, and I hope they lock him up for a long time.
Like others, I wonder if the victim believes in guns now ?!