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Eh, this is my 3rd year. I

Eh, this is my 3rd year. I have one semester left. I just went and bought an SKS and I will fight for our constitution so whatever. Look, I spent 5 years in the national guard infantry through college. I spent 5 years as a linguist in the navy. I have been around. I have heard arguments from this side and arguments from that side. I had no weapons until 2 days ago. I found a very nice SKS (chinese) for a decent price and gobbled it up. Took it to the range yesterday morning, OMG it shoots like a dream. I have a bagillion rounds on the way and I'm totally stoked.

My core values? Nah. Those won't change bro. I went to law school to help protect my core values. Don't mistake me for those money hungry shit heads.