Comment: What's in a name?

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What's in a name?

It's Agenda 21 being treated as though it's utopia?
When reading the UN agenda, it said the same thing. A thinking person would know this would never, never work. The only Utopia is freedom, complete freedom. It's made to sound as though no one works, unless they, for the good of the many, decide to work. They would be 'paid' in feeling the warm fuzzies. Under this system, there would have to be those 'in charge' for all mankind is not created equal with the same work ethic. I'm sure with a choice, all would want the 'good' jobs if any. Who decides who works where, doing what, for how long? The Ones in charge. Who decides when there is over population? The ones in charge. You will be working for those in charge, doing what you are told, for the good of the many and told to feel good about it. While doing their bidding, you will own nothing. There will be no enjoying the fruits of your labor for those who chose not to work, since everyone has that option, will consume what you have worked to build/make/grow. Some people don't work, for fuzzies, warm or otherwise. Everyone is confined to crowded small areas, not allowed to step foot outside into the country. Live in small assigned cubicles in a small area as in a commune. Those nice pristine white buildings in the film are in reality ugly small concrete cubes some have already been built and stacked for purpose of a trial. Can you say tiny, cold, austere? You will never have the option of setting foot on ground that is "No humans allowed". Look at their map on their site, no humans allowed is about 90% of our country! Population would be controlled by either having permission, for the good of the many, to reproduce or have an abortion. While you are working your arse off, for the good of the many, getting all those warm fuzzies for having done so, you'll wear out. The plan is to work you, serve processed food, no nutrition, you die when no longer productive. [It's for the good of the many] If you honestly believe all the food, furniture, clothing, shoes, health, hygiene products, buildings. energy and infrastructure to name just a very few, just appears and never wears out; that an entire scruntched together city's population can just run around all their life doing what they want, riding bicycles, playing tennis or whatever, you are indeed dreaming. Talk about ponzi schemes! What a ruse. And, who is going to build that water power energy plant across the ocean? No big Corporations? Men will just get together and do it? Envision movies with Andy Rooney and Judy Garland when kids, deciding to put on a show in a barn and end up with a Hollywood production. Every dreamer without a sense of reality, without the ability to reason this out, would be easy prey for this plan.
Suggest you play the same feel good background music as in this film while looking at a film of the mountains, the plains, the tropical and the deserts of this great beautiful country and imagine living there in freedom with all pleasures, rewards, love and the responsibilities for sustaining life in your own hands as you provide for you and yours, giving help to those not lazy but less fortunate. Trust me, there really is no free lunch.
One voiced an opinion in comments for the "Utopia" on Youtube that it would work [maybe] if a good part of the population was taken out by famine, wars and/or disease. Interesting that was brought up for that was always their plan, cut us down in that manner by 3/5 of the population of the USA. So in that respect, the 'dream' [nightmare] may come true. Shall we, in this new Utopian project, put YOU down for being one of the 3/5ths? It IS for the good of the many and pays lots of warm fuzzies!