Comment: Mises Academy was terrific . . .

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Mises Academy was terrific . . .

Paul. You could watch/listen to lectures live, or watch them later at your convenience. How wonderful to communicate with such noted libertarian scholars on economics and history. There were many questions I wanted to ask Tom on Hamilton & Lincoln & the "American System" and was able to do so.
The courses are cheap. Much cheaper than what you find for many college textbooks today (not to mention the cost of college classes).
I've taken other courses from them, and gave the gift of a course on economics for young people to my high school age nephew and neice. I helped tutor them for that course.
I took a course on the Federal Reserve from Robert Murphy (who constantly spars with Paul Krugman). Not long aftwards he gave testimony before Congress on the economy. You have some very high quality people teaching at Mises Academy. Regards, - - -