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Be Critical

It seems as if 'they' are saying "he suffered from depression for years" as a means to justify suicide. But MOST people, by far, that suffer from periodic *episodes* (it's not like you are suffering endlessly) of depression do not kill themselves. According to

* Up to 15% of those who are clinically depressed die by suicide.
* In 1997, suicide was the 8th leading cause of death in the United States. 10.6 out of every 100,000 persons died by suicide. The total number of suicides was approximately 30,535.
* There are an estimated 8 to 25 attempted suicides to 1 completion.
* Suicide by firearms is the most common method for both men and women, accounting for 58% of all suicides in 1997.

So, if he suffered from "clinical depression", chances are 85% that he would never kill himself. And chances are, if he ever felt like killing himself, he would have some history of attempts before success. And chances are, most of the people that kill themselves are unable to be objective, and are probably the least intelligent of those with "clinical depression". And chances are, he would have used a gun if possible. Basically, the number of suicides per year is about the same as the number of traffic fatalities, approximately. So, taking all of that into account, and the fact that he was very sensitive toward all life (vegetarian that wouldn't even want to kill bugs), the way he supposedly killed himself would be in the less than 5% category or so, maybe 1%.

The court case had no legs, and I do not see any way that he could have been utterly distraught and in total despair over it, and the media is not saying this. The media keeps pumping out that he faced 35-50 years, and commentors say "he saw suicide as his only way out", and Wikipedia and other places say things like "he suffered depression throughout 2007 and wrote about it extensively", and so on ... And every report is saying "suicide" conclusively before an autopsy has even been done.

But these things are not true. He had no reason to be distraught, the government was just acting out of an agenda to get him for releasing the PACER documents, which the FBI investigated and found no case. Maybe there was some anger at him over the Internet regulation bills. And the govt had no case with the JSTOR incident either, which was very similar, technically - just downloading available material - no hacking or breaking into anything ... But the media is pumping out this disinfo as well.

He wrote *one* piece on feeling ill, and it included 4 items, 1 being depression, during a very stressful period in his life, and he probably had other episodes, and did do some study on the subject, and he was knowledgeable and objective about it, had no real shame about it and was open about it, and had the health insurance to treat it however he wished. I see nothing about him that would indicate that he would simply succumb to suicidal thoughts, losing all objectivity, unless he was on SSRI withdrawal or something similar. He knew things well enough to just wait for the end, knowing these things were passing in nature. And he was, as I, interested in hacking the law, seeing how it is like a computer program.

He was highly excited to testify before the Supreme Court, and was not exactly "green" when it came to dealing with the court system. He studied many things, and sought to understand things, and curious objective minds don't kill themselves off in their 20s easily. He was also someone who blogged about all this thoughts openly, and was not secretive about his feelings, and he had a very supportive father, and his mother was quoted as saying they did not notice any severe depression. Also, nobody has stated that his depression was "severe", and although he may have contemplated suicide, whether jokingly or not, it is just a part of the normal human experience to wonder about it, and it was part of his human experience to write about all he wondered. My feeling, from reading his last writings and others, was that he knew that there was a big cobweb of evil amongst humanity, possibly woven into human nature itself, but he liked the big problems, and was totally not one to try and escape from them.

It would be nice to know what was tested, investigated, and to have some kind of independent autopsy, but we never get those things, and I am not having the impression that the family knows how corrupt courts and government agents play. Most of you that deal with courts over inconsequential matters probably frown at them, but those that deal with courts that expose their corruption know that they will trump up felonies on you, lock you up for no reason at all, or kill you, or whatever - anything is possible, and they have all the criminal connections to do what they want to do.

Unfortunately, we will just get told the standard line, buy it, and move on. We really don't have much choice in the matter. I buy the whole story as much as I'd buy a story on Ron Paul committing suicide. It just doesn't add up, and throwing the "D" word around as they do, it's seems 'they' are up to no good, trying to justify the unjustifiable.