Comment: If this is true, Willl,

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If this is true, Willl,

How come the churches aren't churning out liberty-minded individuals with the moral character and courage it takes to mount a successful liberty movement?

There's a better chance of Jesus himself coming down here to fix our government than there is of these churches (such as they are) cranking out enough people fit for that task.

I think you wax euphoric in your proclamation without having a good handle on what time it is here. Indeed, if Jesus is, as YOU say, the founder of libertarianism, then he is doing a terrible job at running his own organization.

And I would make the same argument to those who believe that Jesus founded their churches. If he did, why does he let so much sin and weakness and ignorance and division thrive there? Why does he not run it as he did his ekklesia in the First Century?

Until you can answer THAT question, I hardly think you have an answer for the "liberty movement" reforming itself around Jesus.

Religion, per se, is simply not required for a viable liberty movement. What is needed is people of sound and consistent principle. Interestingly, some of the people who have the greatest problems with the advancement of liberty ARE the Christians. Indeed, their franchises urge them to vote for enemies of liberty. Some other franchises urge them to lobby their congressmen for unconstitutional foreign aid (which money comes out of our pockets). And others still urge them to try to get Christianity written into the US Laws---presumably because they would rather force people to behave since they can't freely PERSUADE them to do it through their routine church initiatives?

Even so, Jesus does not put an end to all this corruption done in the name of Christianity. How, then, is he going to depended upon to manage a liberty movement?

I know this is contrary to popular opinion, but I see no evidence that Jesus or God are intervening in politics today. If so, what movement can be observed that bears their character?

Anyone? Bueller?

Perhaps it's time to let Jesus speak for himself and stop proclaiming to the world that he is doing this or that. If the Christians would stop doing that, there would be very little reason for anybody to think that Jesus is active in the world today--and especially in the political and religious institutions. In fact, I can think of nothing.

Please don't take this to mean that I'm an atheist, for I am not. As to WHY Jesus is not involved today, that's a matter for investigation. And it's a HUGE deal. Interestingly, however, a couple billion Christians don't seem to be able to figure out that Jesus has left the building.