Comment: This book is amazing

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This book is amazing

Great find, DevinUp!
So many little gems. I love this one on page 234:
"In no way does it materially change the acknowledged potent fact that in all great national and international monetary and financial affairs the Rothschilds always plays the ruling hand. They possess masterful genius and finacial intelect. But it is the sheer weight of liquid or ready wealth held in such large quantities that all the nations of the orld must go to the Rothschilds for finacial assistance in time of peace, or before they can go to war whatever the provocation or emergency, that gives them supremem power in world affairs. No war can be waged without money, and no large nation can get adequate moneyto finance a war from any one but the Rothschilds. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that whenever any war is begun the Rothschilds have consented thereto. They may finance both sides, because it is immaterial whether the interest profits they crave come from one or both countries. In fact the war furnishes an excuse recognized as legitimate for charging both nations higher interest rates not only on the new debts but on old obligations maturing and being refunded."

This guy was ringing the warning bell loudly but no one was listening!

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison