Comment: Just for fun, I like to compare

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Just for fun, I like to compare

today's leaders of the revolution to the original American Revolution, especially the Sons Of Liberty. So, I was thinking of who you, Michael Nystrom could be compared to. I think Lemuel Robinson, the owner of the tavern where they met a lot. I know they also met at the church,too, but hey, I had to come up with something. Of course I hope you don't die of smallpox in the fight, though like him. Take your D3 so you don't get that nasty flu going around there. Now,I know, as one astute dper mentioned yesterday that the Sons Of Liberty met at different places all over the colonies, so I am not discounting that, but since Michael lives near Boston, I thought this was appropriate. Maybe others could come up with other comparisons. Fun, thinking of who would compare to others in the first revolution. Patrick Henry? Who would that be? Well, thank you for all you do, Michael, and hope you can continue to have fun.