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The "ic" suffix...

"From French -ique, from Latin -icus, from Proto-Indo-European *-ikos, *-iḱos, formed with the i-stem suffix *-i- and the adjectival suffix *-ko-. Cognates include Ancient Greek -ικος (-ikos), Sanskrit श (-śas), क (-kas) and Old Church Slavonic -ъkъ (ŭkŭ).

PIE *-ko- on noun stems carried the meaning 'characteristic of, like, typical, pertaining to', and on adjectival stems it acted emphatically."

I didn't say they were sociopaths. Adding the "ic" means "like a sociopath" or "in the style of".

The posts in questions are generally littered with calling people many forms of excrement and other assorted personal attacks that are only meant to hurt feelings... and they don't seem to care. At all. And not only that, these people generally advertise their great self-admiration.

They are exhibiting the precise characteristics of sociopaths. So minimally they are "sociopath like". And "sociopath like" is what sociopathic means...

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