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How about reality, CSA?

You wrote:

Until people recognize that Christ is King of the world in a very real sense...

OK, where is his throne? Where does he hold court? Where and how does he collect taxes? Where is his army and how are they equipped? What does he do to put down rebellion? What does he do to stop factions and schisms among his people? What does he do to stop corruption? Where are his treasures?

For any REAL king on the planet, present or past, you'd be able to answer these questions with a very small amount of research. So if Jesus is indeed the King of this world "in a very real sense", then please explain why his reality is so very, very different from the reality of any other king to which anyone may point.

You continued:

"...we live in a Biblical theocracy whether people accept it or not..."

Please describe to me the features of this "Biblical theocracy". Where is its seat of power? Where is it described/prescribed in the Bible? Who is in power? What is the routine for the succession of power? And if we are in a "Biblical theocracy", why does it APPEAR that we are in a mercantilist oligarchy that's operating in the guise of a constitutional republic?

I don't think you have a very firm grasp on reality.