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Legitimate Question

While I understand some parents might be concerned about their children being videotaped, I feel my question is legitimate. Just because there has been no mention of security video by the officials does not mean none exists.

As far as people not wanting their kids recorded goes.... Americans live their lives being videotaped. It seems to be standard procedure where property is concerned. We are recorded at the bank, in stores, in government offices and on the streets. People monitor their homes with security cameras. If children are indeed the most valuable commodity don't they deserve the same level of protection we afford our property?

Americans use nanny cams to ensure the person they have personally vetted to watch their children is not breaking their trust. Yet, they will turn their children over to a bureaucracy staffed by people they do not know and here security video is a bad thing. I am unclear of the motivation of the parents not wanting security video in schools.

The responsibility for the safety of American children had been delegated by the parents to the school district, by order of the state, with the understanding the state (police) would protect the children. Once delivered to state custody the children are then left unprotected by anything except a sign declaring the school to be a gun free zone. Perhaps those who didn't see value in security video in the past will now.

There is too much trust placed in the state.