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Valid points, for sure

However most importantly, Christianity is spiritual collectivism (if you like), NOT political collectivism, at all. The spiritual kingdom of Christ is an individual choice to enter into, and can only ever be. So political coercion and collectivism of any kind is always against God, as it is trying to force people to have an allegiance other than to Christ. Even non-Christians can recognize that true Christians must demand Liberty.

Also, in terms of whether any of these regimes were Christian:

Nazism, Mussolini, Bolshevism, all totally atheistic! Not Christian at all. In fact if you watch this great series you can see that they were all in fact satanic.

Others you mention are various forms of misappropriation of Christ's name for tyranny and oppression. As above, this is simply not Christian, it is exactly opposite to what Christ actually said! If you stick to that, you can't go wrong. For example, the 'War on Terror' also calls itself 'American'. Is that really American? Or are they just saying that. You have to look at how Christ actually taught us to live our lives, and whether these people and regimes are in any way following those teachings. If not, they are only using his name to perpetrate crimes and evil. True Christains, MUST be peaceful to others and against all coercion, to serve their Lord.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.