Comment: And you aren't going to

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And you aren't going to

And you aren't going to change anything by voting for politicians that pull the same old tricks on us every day.

I will vote for statesmen, you will vote for politicians.

I will have voted to preserve the Constitution, you will have voted to compromise it.

I will be secure that my vote will be the right one for years to come; you will be complicit in voting for the lesser evil of compromise.

There are plenty of candidates from the "real" liberty movement on the ballot. You just have to look.

At least I had the courage to vote on principle. If more Americans would have done this in just about every past election, we wouldn't be in this situation. Please listen to *any* of Ron Paul's speeches last year and you will see where I am getting this information.

You aren't going to change my mind, or other minds, by attacking me and using emotional words like "absurd????". The Rand apologists' arguments are very abrasive, and that just serves to make me want to point out the FACTS more and more, which weakens Rand's position.

What will help Rand Paul is to admit the truth, acknowledge that people are mad as all getout, and tread lightly. Don't revise history. We all remember, and the 1984 stuff about how Dr. Paul didn't have enough delegates, or compromised by going back to the RNC has got to stop. We all know that Ron Paul was the enemy of the neocon RNC, and never compromised once with any political gang of congress. We all saw the cheating at the RNC, we all saw the teleprompter with the recorded vote, we all heard the resounding NO at the RNC. We all watched the conventions. We remember. We remember. We remember!

Accept it and move on.