Comment: Forget that man, this place has more faces than a deck of cards

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Forget that man, this place has more faces than a deck of cards

I always thought of this movement like some proto-plasmic entity, always morphing, adapting and trying to figure out what it wants to be when it grows up.

Ebbs and flows come naturally to any entity (dare I say "organization"?) but this one takes the cake. We might just be able to resolve our feelings about Alex Jones (apparently no position is safe at the moment) but we're just getting down from being The Daily Gun, before that it's all been school shootings and this barely after we turned into The Daily Alien and the end of the universe. Add to that a spate of personal vendettas and private wars being fought, some persons actually aligning with liberal sites that pretty much exist to attack us and it's just never a dull moment.

I even had at least one person running around pretending to be my wife. The creepy thing there, besides the fact that they did a pretty good imitation (you blew it Smudge, we really could have been something but no you drunk part breed) was that this person had obviously and intently studied everything I had ever said. I was pretty convinced she WAS ACTUALLY MY WIFE but they made some slip up that indicated they were running things in and out of Google Translate, can't remember what it was but that was the tip off but check this: what possible reward or benefit could anyone logically derive from character assassinating a SMUDGE POT? The name itself is already so...besmudged that trying to smudge it more just makes that spot cleaner.

My final opinion as of this point? This is still a great place to learn but it's better for learning about ourselves and it might be the only place we're gonna learn to laugh at ourselves.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.