Comment: Soulless animals on mudballs?

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Soulless animals on mudballs?

I would argue that the people that are soulless animals are the mindless people who blindly follow a faith that was created and is maintained by looters.

Animals have souls... oh no wait, according to your church they don't... heaven is devoid of animals, ha ha. And if only human animals have souls, then what do you define as human? Chromosome count? What about people with Downs Syndrome? Do they have a soul? Okay, well then what about Chimpanzees? Are they soulless? They don't go to church. What about Dolphins? Do they have a soul? Nobody can force faith on you, you just have to give up reason and logic, and then it comes easily.

Being Christian makes it extremely difficult to be Libertarian because you don't understand about trading value for value... to you giving value and not getting anything in return is actually a nobler trade than getting something in return... and therein lies the evil and the ignorance.

We need to move the movement forward, not backward 2000 years. If it comes down to being a soulless animal, or a mindless idol worshipper, count me in with the soulless then.

It is all about theft, see my comment below.