Comment: I know more than a few who have expatiated, some to Chile

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I know more than a few who have expatiated, some to Chile

Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, Panama. These are expat destinations for the upper-middle class. Real wealth is going to Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong is back on the map in a big way and above that simply BUYING FARM LAND GLOBALLY.

The rest of us will be lucky if we can buy a nice camper bus to relocate around disasters with. But hey, that might turn out better.

Listen folks LATIN AMERICA HAS BEEN THE PLAYGROUND OF OUR CIA FOR DECADES, our CIA knows every inch of land, every city, our CIA has operatives and networks all over the place. That's not called hiding for starts.

Next up, there are a few exceptions like Belize but these nations have ABSOLUTELY NO REPUTATION FOR POLITICAL STABILITY, they are ALL HIGHLY MILITARIZED, most of them have histories of dictatorship and autocratic rule and support for these regimes is still deeply entrenched. Chile for exacmple, well Augosto Pinochet might have served some justice in jail at the very end of his life but he died the same either way, a sick old man in hospital. AFTER A SERIES OF BRUTAL MASSACRES ESTABLISHED HIM AS DICTATOR FOR HIS EFFECTIVE LIFE. He had a wonderful time. Wealth and power enough for any man.

Happy Belize happens to be next to Miserable Nicarague where highly armed guerilla bands still roam and take white prisoners captive for ransom.

Oh and you can't start and own businesses in most of these nations as an expat. In some you can't be armed. And once they know you can't come back here, you are subject to their notorious corruption and you aren't El Patron anymore. You are a pretty useless person altogether once you run out of money.

So think that over.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.