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We can even take it one step further...

Which will cover the remaining "indirect" scenarios. Suppose, that we get a gentle tyrant in office that sees the above scenario as draconian. So he decides, that only high quality, good land should have a sales tax, and decrees that the bottom 20% should have no sales tax!

This should start to sound familiar because it is the common "softening" of the extortion racket that you see applied from time to time.

Ok, so now you have 3 choices:
1) Starve.
2) Pay these indirect taxes.
3) Work yourself to death trying to live on poor quality land.

Now, let me tie that into a more common frame of reference. In "theory", we have freedom to travel. The government has dominated all the good ways to travel (car, plane, train, etc). So when you yell that they can't take your car away for not paying their taxes on it because it would violate your protected rights, they simply reply, "Go for a walk, we have restricted nothing."

In indirect taxation, the government holds a violence based monopoly on all the choices that don't result in your death, suffering, or at minimum, absurdity. Enjoy the walk between NY and Cali.

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