Comment: This should be edited by a libertarian, W/O the socialism

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This should be edited by a libertarian, W/O the socialism

This was an interesting video, its always fascinating to see a vision of the future, some visions are idealistic, some nightmarish, this is both. There were some great ideas of how technology can benefit humanity and protect the environment, can't disagree with that part. The assumption that central planning the world by computer without a price structure or private property ownership is so absurd that it's ridiculous. I would love to see this video duded with the audio from an Austrian economist point of view.

They did cover some fundamental truths, the waste inherent in war, the stupidity of our environmental destruction, the possibility of technological solutions, the waste of planned obsolescence, working with the natural world for sustainable development, but all this could only be done with a free market, with a socialistic economy it would fail.

Ron Paul has outlined the path to this future. A non interventionist foreign policy, a truly free market without the government distortions of crony capitalism, individual property rights, civil liberties, sound money and libertarian principals upheld in contract law. That's the path to this bright future, not socialism.