Comment: I think that SOME get their strength through him

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I think that SOME get their strength through him

Gary Johnson didn't win because of Christ?

LOL sure that is why he tanked so bad. What about all the so called christians who are all crammed into the GOP who voted and PRAYED that romney got in?

Was the gop christ different than the libertarian one?

However many of us create our own strength based on our lives and everything we have learned while living it.

I do not see Libertarian going well with Christianity or a 'do what I say' or else mentality that comes with it.

Whatever works for one doesn't work for the other however why is it so many so called christians feel that the so called NON believers are actually without something?

I am HAPPY to not be locked into something that MAKES YOU either fall in line or burn in hell. To realize that most religions focus nonstop on embedding this into the kids heads so that by the time they are adults they can't do anything expect think that "santa IS real!!!!"

While mythical creatures and the stories that they were created from should be told to kids as stories I don't see why people actually BELIEVE the noahs and moses AND live THIS LIFE based on awaiting the next.

Why do the religious always have some special place AWAY FROM THE REAL WORLD that they think they are heading after they die?

Do you really believe that there is an animal heaven as well?

How many christians actually BELIEVE that hell is actually IN the center of the earth?

I would rather live with OPEN MINDED folks versus those who still believe the stories written by the winners of war over the last couple thousand years. - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana